Advisor of the Year

NAIFA-North Carolina’s Distinguished Advisor of the Year Award is given annually to recognize individuals who have given meritorious service to the insurance and financial services industry, and to the community in ways that enhance the image of the advisor. These individuals will have clearly demonstrated the attributes of personal success. It is the highest award given by NAIFA-North Carolina.

The following criteria are considered in selecting the award recipient:


  • Current member of NAIFA North Carolina.


  • Sustained and meritorious service viewed in retrospect will be considered, as well as specific actions during a single year.


  • A person may be given the award for service rendered in the current year or because of accomplishments over a long period.


  • The award must be given to a person in our business, i.e., agent, assistant manager, general agent, manager or supervisor in the field.  Home office staff or individuals in a related business should not be considered.


  • The person must have rendered service above and beyond the call of duty.


  • Consideration should be given to: past and current contributions to (a) life insurance industry, (b) NAIFA, (c) NAIFA North Carolina, (d) their company, and (e) community affairs.


  • The holding of a state office (past or present) by the nominee is not a necessary factor for qualification.


Dorothy Austell Leadership


The Dorothy B. Austell Leadership Award is presented annually to recognize the contributions of former NAIFA Trustee and NAIFA North Carolina Past President, Dorothy B. Austell.  Dorothy served as NAIFA North Carolina president in 1970-71.  The award was initially created in 1985 to recognize an outstanding Area Vice President.  Beginning in 2012, the award was modified to recognize a non-officer member of the state Board of Directors or a state committee chair. The Association officers select the recipient prior to the Annual Convention.


Jim Ollis Governmental Affairs


The Jim Ollis Governmental Affairs Award is presented annually to recognize the involvement of local volunteers in the governmental process.   The award is intended to recognize outstanding involvement in political activities by an individual member of a NAIFA North Carolina local association.  The intent is to recognize one individual that has had an ongoing involvement (multi-year) in PAC, state or federal political involvement, or other unique activities that reflect positively on our profession.


Criteria for the Award:


  1. Recipient must be a member of NAIFA North Carolina at the time of nomination.


  1. An individual may only win the award one time.


  1. The award recognizes leadership in the political involvement activities at the local association level. 


  1. The selection committee will consider the following criteria in determining the recipient: Prior attendance at the NAIFA Congressional Conference in DC and/or state sponsored legislative activities; participation as a local association PAC chairperson; measurable impact on PAC giving at the local association level (increases over prior year); and involvement in the political process; i.e. a campaign for an elected state or federal official.


  1. Members of the Government Relations Committee, members of the Board of Directors, and local association presidents are encouraged to nominate individuals for the recognition.


  1. The NAIFA NC Executive Committee will make the selection of the recipient prior to the State Convention.



Jack Wardlaw Young Advisor


The Jack Wardlaw Young Advisor of the Year Award is presented annually.  According to the gift from Jack Wardlaw, he wanted to recognize new agents that sold the greatest volume of permanent life insurance.  In addition to sales achievement, the award will be an opportunity to recognize involvement in the association as well as sales achievement.




  1. Member of a NAIFA North Carolina Local during the prior year.  (Must be a current member on June 30, 2019)

  2. Entry for the recognition is based on submission of letter and supporting data by May 18, 2019. 

  3. Recipient must be under age 40 on January 1 of the year they receive the award. (January 1, 2019)

  4. A letter outlining the following information should be submitted to the committee.


  1. Local Association Involvement

  2. State Association Involvement

  3. Sales Success

  4. Community Involvement (non insurance related)

  5. Company Involvement

  6. Industry Involvement

  7. Any other pertinent information

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