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As the largest insurance PAC in the United States, the Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee (IFAPAC) plays an important role in safeguarding our members’ interests from a legislative and regulatory perspective.


In order to receive funds from our PAC, a candidate needs to understand and support the issues important to financial professionals and their clients.


Importantly, IFAPAC represents the interest of MEMBERS, not any other group, organization, or carrier.  Only NAIFA members may be solicited for IFAPAC contributions.


Political Involvement Committee

Maybe you don't know much about politics.  Maybe you have never been involved in a campaign for public office.   With NAIFA’s Advisors Political Involvement Committee (APIC), you can still make a difference and influence how State and Federal Legislators vote on legislation important you as an insurance and financial services professional.


Our members maintain key relationships with legislators and staff members at both the State and Federal levels. When legislation or regulation important to our industry (whether good or bad) reaches a critical point in the political process, our members’ grassroots efforts go a long way in ensuring a favorable outcome.


The mission of APIC is to:

  • Actively promote the involvement of insurance agents and financial advisors in the election of candidates for local, state and national office, consistent with the legislative interests of the NAIFA federation; and

  • Identify and foster the creation of significant NAIFA member relationships with elected officials.


The objectives of APIC grassroots efforts are to:

  • Identify and develop constituent contacts for all members of Congress;

  • Involve local association members in federal legislative issues per the direction of the NAIFA Government Relations Committee;

  • Encourage local association members to participate in national, state and local campaign organizations;

  • Communicate to and educate NAIFA members on the importance of political involvement;

  • Establish effective communications between grassroots contacts and APIC;

  • Encourage NAIFA members to respond to GovAlerts; and

  • Recognize achievement of political involvement and measure results


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